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Southcenter Electrolysis 

Yes, I have had SO much fun over 46 years in the beauty industry, the last 17 years in my Electrolysis practice. I love people and my work.


The truly bittersweet time has come for me now to enter into retirement. It hasn't been an easy or hasty decision to make... I always have really enjoyed working with everyone I met and will miss all of my loyal clients.


Both the hardest and happiest part of the Electrolysis profession is actually losing clients... because Electrolysis works. When the gradual treatment is truly finished, there is no longer anymore hair remaining to treat, except maybe for a possible occasional stray as we get older.


I have seen clients entire lives changed because they see themselves differently. They aren't worried about anyone seeing unwanted hair where it doesn't belong. They aren't spending countless hours every week tweezing hairs. Their skin clears up and they look and feel beautiful and their self-confidence soars.


Many of my single women clients began to date; several of them got engaged and married shortly after their last treatment. They got raises at work and even new jobs! That is why I loved helping people in what I did. There is something wonderful about seeing the transformation in people's lives.


That is what is taking me also into my future. I have been called by the Lord to minister to hurting people in prayer. I don't know yet what it all is going to look like, but that has been a big part of the motivation behind my decision this year. My heart has always been tender toward others, and I have seen many miracles of healing and of inner transformation over the years and in recent days, including my own and within my family and loved ones. I have found an amazing tribe of people who are going after the things of God, just as is the desire in my own heart; getting quiet and listening to and joyfully doing what He has to say.


God loves us. He LOVES us. We are His family and He is a GOOD Dad that just wants His family back. Sometimes we don't realize how much we mean to Him. But He made a way for us to be reconciled to Him through faith in His Son Jesus, who carried our sins to His death by shedding his life's blood in our place (life is in the blood), and then He arose by His power over, and defeat of, the liar and enemy of our souls so that we are forgiven forever. This is going to be my message until the day I am with Him face to face and for all eternity.


Thank you to everyone who made my life more beautiful by entering into my world.


With much love,


Linda Cowin

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