The ONLY method of Permanent Hair Removal



You may not be completely familiar with Electrolysis.

Finding a great practitioner is something like searching for
truth in a secret society. Many people have heard lots of myths

and scary stories... and I want to set things straight.


Electrolysis has been used successfully since the late 1800's

to disable hair follicles and prevent new hair from growing back.

It works by inserting (like a finger in a glove)

a tiny wire into the follicle next to the hair and then delivering to the

hair-growth cells a small amount of high-frequency current.


Laser treatment for hair reduction has entered into its third decade

(approved to treat unwanted hair in 1995), and now there's been
enough time to determine its targeted market. A
fter gathering some long-term evidence of its success and its less than success, 

we can now better answer the questions as to why it works for some

and not for others.  We can also now understand its risks for those

not suitable for laser treatment for hair removal.  

Even the best laser technology

can't treat those stubborn, white hairs.


And we baby boomers are getting gray and we need thicker glasses

and more light to see as well as we once did;

we can't quite see those darn hairs we've 

already battled a lifetime with tweezers anymore.

 We need to take another look, don't we?


The good news: 

Your electrologist can treat all colors, sizes and depths

of unwanted hair on any area of the body where you hate that hair!


With the Dectro Apilus SX500,

this proven method is now gentler than ever!

If you still have unwanted hair after years of tweezing
or waxing, or if you've received laser treatment and ended up with more hair growth afterwards or less-than-satisfactory results,

this is the answer you've been looking for.


The science of electrolysis is over 125 years old 

and is known for its efficacy for permanently removing

unwanted hair.


And now, with the new digital technology of Dectro's Epilators, treatment is giving results like never before!