Southcenter Electrolysis
Southcenter Electrolysis 


Before you tweeze or wax another hair

or pre-pay for laser treatments, let's do the math:


If you start waxing once a month starting at age 20 and stopping at age 65, at a cost of $20, you will pay upwards of $10,000 for hair that grows back!!


The price of electrolysis is MUCH LESS than what you'd spend

for a lifetime of professional waxing!


And why sign expensive contracts to pay up front for laser treatment for hair reduction only to end up being dissatisfied with the results? Or worse, not finishing your treatment and losing your investment?


Find out what electrolysis can do for beautiful hair-free skin in a fraction of the time and expense for other hair-removal methods. With electrolysis, you pay as you go, making it easy to work with your budget.




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