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Southcenter Electrolysis       by Linda Cowin



What is
the normal growth cycle of a hair?
All hairs have differing cycles
of growth activity and are not visible on the surface of the skin at the same
time. Hair normally grows for its usual cycle and then naturally sheds and
replaces itself. Following active growing periods, hair follicles go into a
dormant phase. This period of dormancy may last for an indefinite period of
time, however, replacement hairs usually appear within 3 to 12 months. The
appearance of these coarse replacement hairs from dormant hair follicles should
not be mistaken as regrowth from previously treated follicles.

Should I wax, thread or tweeze
between appointments?

Your electrologist highly discourages
pulling hair by the root between appointments. Remember, it can take several
months for a new cycle of hair growth to begin. If hair is pulled between
appointments, it may never be visible to treat over the course of treatment,
thus prolonging the total time it may take to permanently clear the skin of
hair. Shaving, trimming or bleaching are recommended between treatments,
allowing for about 48 hours of growth before the next appointment.

electrolysis uncomfortable?

While your electrologist makes
every effort to keep your treatment comfortable, the presence of a sensation,
such as pressure, heat or tingling within the follicle is an indication that the
needed destructive activity is taking place. The sensation lasts only as long as
it takes to treat the individual hair, usually less than a few seconds, with no
lingering discomfort. Even though some parts of the body are more sensitive than
others, or some hair requires more treatment time, adjustments can be made which
will help to keep the treatment as comfortable as possible. If you are concerned
about discomfort, let your physician know about your electrolysis treatments and
ask if they would prescribe a topical 5% lidocaine gel to apply as directed
before your treatment.

(5% lidocaine gel or cream may be covered by your health
insurance if it is prescribed by your doctor, or you can ask your pharmacist to
order it for you, as it is available OTC.)

Does electrolysis damage the
When electrolysis is performed by a competent
electrologist using up-to-date equipment and current techniques, there should be
no lasting or visible skin damage. Immediately following treatment, there may be
a slight redness and/or swelling which usually disappears within a few hours,
depending on the client. Occasionally, small whiteheads or minuscule scabs may
occur. It is important to remember that scabs are a part of the normal healing
process and will not cause any permanent damage if they are not picked off. Your
electrologist will discuss specific post-treatment care to promote proper

Can unwanted
hair be removed from anywhere on the body?
Unwanted hair can be
safely removed from most body areas. The most common areas include the hairline,
bridge of nose, eyebrows, beards, upper and lower lip, cheeks, sideburns, outer
ears, chin, neck, shoulders, arms, underarms, breasts, abdomen, bikini line,
buttocks, legs, back, chest, hands and feet. The inside of the ears and nose
should not be treated.

You don't have to suffer with
unwanted hair or spend thousands of dollars up front to get rid of it

Can women
begin or continue electrolysis treatment during pregnancy?

Although electrolysis has never been proven to harmful to pregnant
women, it is suggested that advice of your physician be sought before treatment.

We use only sterile
single-use disposable probes and Universal Infection Control Standards to ensure
your comfort and safety as part of the special care we take to protect you from

Professional pre-treatment and aftercare products are applied
before, during and after your treatment to soothe your skin and help to prevent
further inflammation and infection of the treated follicles. Professional skin
care will be recommended for follow-up to the treated area and these products
will be available for your purchase.

It is important to remember that
hands must be washed before and after touching the skin on the treated

Makeup Use: It is highly
recommended that you use a mineral makeup with zinc oxide as one of the
ingredients. Not only does zinc oxide help in the healing process, but it also
performs well as a sunscreen, another important aspect in follow-up skin care of
electrolysis. A powder or liquid makeup without fragrance is advised after at
least 24 hours after treatment. Gentle cleansing without scrubbing is important
during the healing process.

UV Exposure: It
is important to avoid exposure to direct sunlight or to tanning beds after
treatment. The minor inflammation that may linger after treatment makes the skin
more susceptible to damage from UV rays. Exposure to UV light can also cause
pigmentation issues to the skin that has been treated.

Bleaching: If you use a bleaching product on the downy hair
growth between treatments, it should not be applied for at least 48 hours before
your next appointment.

Regrowth: Hair should
not be tweezed, waxed or threaded between treatments to ensure successful
treatment of electrolysis over time. Hair may be trimmed with trimmers, scissors
or shaved, even up to twice a day if needed, but please allow at least 36-48
hours of hair growth before your appointment and no shaving or cutting as
recommended by your treatment provider. Remember, you may feel the stubble of
regrowth, but a person looking at you would need magnifying glasses to see any
regrowth in that time period.

Skin Care:
Moisturizing or other creams of a heavy consistency or containing oils should
not be used on the skin for at least 48 hours. Your treatment provider will
recommend a professional skin care program for your use. After this time, the
area can be massaged lightly to promote the healing process. If redness or minor
infection appears at any time of the treated area, an antibacterial product as
recommended can be used and you may be referred to your physician. Cortisone or
any other steroids should not be used unless prescribed by your physician.

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