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How many appointments does it take?

All hairs have differing cycles of growth activity and are not visible on the surface of the skin at the same time. Success with electrolysis is different in that it is measured by treatment hours, not the number of visits. The treatment hours are based on the area treated and density of hair growth. Time is your friend. Time taken for each treatment combined with the timing of your appointments on the schedule is what this is all about. Once started, it really won't take long before it is evident that the amount of hair you see after three or four months of consistent treatment is not the same amount of hair you started with.

Should I wax, thread or tweeze between appointments?
Your electrologist highly discourages pulling hair by the root between appointments. Remember, it can take several months for a hair to begin growing and show above the skin's surface. If hair is pulled between appointments, it won't be visible to treat. Tweezing, waxing or threading  over the course of treatment prolongs the total time it may take to permanently clear the skin of hair. Cutting/shaving, trimming or bleaching are recommended between treatments, allowing for about 48 hours of growth before the next appointment.


Is electrolysis comfortable?
While your electrologist makes every effort to keep your treatment comfortable, the presence of a sensation such as pressure, heat or tingling within the follicle is an indication that the needed destructive activity to the hair-producing cells is taking place. The sensation, measured in hundredths of seconds, lasts only as long as it takes to treat the individual hair with no lingering discomfort. Some parts of the body are more sensitive than others, some hair follicles requires more time than others. Even so, adjustments can be made which will help to keep the treatment as comfortable as possible. If you are concerned about discomfort, let your physician know about your electrolysis treatments and ask if they would prescribe a topical lidocaine in a cream base* to apply as directed before your treatment. 

*(EMLA cream may be covered by your health insurance if it is prescribed by your doctor. There are other products available OTC. During your consultation feel free to discuss this with me.)

Is electrolysis safe for the skin?   

When electrolysis is performed by a competent electrologist using up-to-date equipment and current techniques, there should be no lasting or visible skin damage. Immediately following treatment, there may be a slight redness and/or puffiness which usually disappears within a few hours, depending on the sensitivity of the skin. Occasionally, very small pustules resembling whiteheads, or minuscule scabs may occur. It is important to remember that scabs are a part of the normal healing process and will not cause any permanent damage if they are not picked off. Your electrologist will discuss specific post-treatment care to promote proper healing.

Can unwanted hair be removed from anywhere on the body?

Unwanted hair can be safely removed from most body areas. The most common areas include the chin, upper and lower lips, cheeks and eyebrows. Irregular hairlines such as the sideburn areas or neck show much improvement in appearance after treatment. Outer ears and around the outside of the nose are treatable.  Shoulders, arms, underarms, chest, breasts, abdomen, bikini line, buttocks, legs, back, chest, hands and feet all respond well to treatment.


You don't have to suffer with unwanted hair

or spend thousands of dollars up front to have it permanently removed.


Can women begin or continue electrolysis treatment during pregnancy?
Although electrolysis has never been proven to harmful to pregnant women, it is suggested that advice of your physician be sought before treatment.

We use only sterile single-use disposable probes and Universal  Infection Control Standards to ensure your comfort and safety as part of the special care we take to protect you from infection.

Professional pre-treatment and aftercare products are applied
before, during and after your treatment to soothe your skin and help to prevent further inflammation and infection of the treated  follicles. Professional skin care products will be recommended for follow-up to the treated area with some available for purchase.

It is important to remember that hands must be washed before and  after touching the skin on the treated area.


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