Facial Spider Vein Removal 

Spider veins are dilated capillaries which have surfaced into the epidermis and give the skin the appearance of a road map.  These often get worse with time, skin trauma and aging. 

What is wonderful is that these on the face are treatable with the Dectro Apilus SX500!  A microflash of radio-frequency electrical current quickly cauterizes these capillaries in a very short treatment time, immediately improving and balancing the tone and color of your appearance.

Thanks to Jean Enerson at King5 HealthLink for doing a story to make people aware that a treatment for spider veins IS available. You can see it by clicking the following link:


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~ $5.00 per minute ~

(30-minute minimum)



Below are some before and immediately after photos, thus the mild redness post-treatment, which resolves within a few hours. 

The results are astonishing!


 Before treatment


Immediately after treatment

Before treatment

Immediately after treatment

Before Treatment


Immediately after treatment