Southcenter Electrolysis
Southcenter Electrolysis 

 Facial Spider Vein Removal 


Is your skin red or blotchy?

Do you see tiny red veins on your cheeks, nose or chin?


They can be treated!



Spider veins are red, dilated capillaries found just under the surface of the skin. These are most prominently found on the cheeks, nose and chin and they resemble the appearance of a red road map.  They often get worse with sun damage, skin trauma and aging.


Facial spider veins and capillaries are treatable. A microflash of radio-frequency current quickly cauterizes these capillaries in a very short treatment time, immediately improving and balancing the tone and color of your appearance.



Thanks to Jean Enerson at King5 HealthLink for doing a story to make people aware that a treatment for spider veins IS available.

You can see it by clicking the following link:



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