Linda is a skilled
, and the combination of her knowledge of the skin and its care and keen understanding of the hair and follicle puts her at an advantage in caring for her clients with this personal and sensitive need. Her work is proven in permanent hair removal with the goal and results of uncompromised and beautiful skin

Linda has a love for learning and since discovering her passion to teach, she began to incorporate educational opportunities into her style and creativity, in person and in her writing. She has been published in several professional and peer-reviewed journals, and has worked with the editorial team at Milady/Cengage Learning, reviewing professional textbooks for publication.


"I've loved studying and working with skin since I was a kid. I had the usual acne which plagues many of us, and over the years I tried many things, most of them not very effective.  I went to a dermatologist for the acne, and he extracted the comedones (blackheads) and put me on medication.  My face looked beautiful after the healing time was
complete, and I wasn't plagued with random breakouts for awhile.  I eventually went off the antibiotics, but kept up with my home care routine.  Professional skin care was not what it is today, in fact, it was almost non-existent.  After those doctor visits and careful practice, I learned how to extract the impurities from my own skin.

One day I was having my quiet time and I asked,  "Why do I LOVE working on the skin and removing unwanted hair so much?  Why do I get so turned on by extracting gnarly blackheads, and pulling out misplaced and excess hairs?"  I got my answer with a memory of a cartoon story about a Lion and a Mouse. The first time I heard that story, when I was about 8 years old, I remember crying my little eyes out after learning that the tiny little mouse, who should've spared its own life by running  away, took compassion on the lion with the infected paw and removed the thorn from it; a deed the lion was unable to do for himself as the pain was too great. 


With those childlike tears, something in my heart said, "I wanna be like that little mouse!  I wanna help others and pull 'owie and icky' stuff out of them and help to make them feel all better!"

From then, starting out being the family bee-sting and splinter-remover to now being in a profession that gives me the skill and practice of doing just what I cared about.  I can't think of a better calling on my life or a more rewarding career." ~ Linda Cowin